June 5, 2023

The largest size on the QLED 4K series helps TCL TVs meet the needs of home entertainment, in addition to many features to increase detail, color, multi-dimensional sound…

A TCL representative said that, after Covid-19, many people have a habit of staying at home, focusing more on home entertainment. Online movie content on applications is also more thoughtful and diversified. Watching movies on the phone or on a small screen TV doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. Users need an increasingly large screen with many high-end technologies. To meet this demand, the manufacturer launched C735 – a 4K QLED model with a 98-inch screen, the largest size it has produced.

The screen of the C735 helps the image to cover the entire eye of the viewer. Combining QLED and 4K technology with 8 million distinct pixels, every detail becomes sharper. Regardless of the genre of romance or action, the background and subject are clear, creating a feeling of “immersion”.

Model C735 achieves 4K resolution. Photo: TCL

C735 is certified for IMAX Enhanced specifically for cinemas. In addition, Dolby Vision IQ technology with Full Array Local Dimming self-adjusting feature helps eyes stay comfortable in all lighting conditions, without eye strain for a long time.

For gaming enthusiasts, the virtual world is more vivid on the 98-inch screen. At this time, the context of the dense forest or traveling the galaxy is increasing attractive.

Light or dark backgrounds are clearly displayed. Photo: TCL

The Onkyo speaker system combines Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound technology on the C735 to create a dynamic and reversing sound range around the room. For a smoother experience, the device has MEMC 120 Hz technology, which helps to rotate the screen or change the steering angle without jerking or tearing the image. The character details reproduced in real time make it easier for users to observe, manipulate more sensitively, and increase the possibility of victory. This mechanism also helps to avoid eye pain or headaches when looking at the big screen.

MEMC 120 Hz technology minimizes lag. Photo: TCL

With a large screen size, TCL streamlines the remaining designs so that the device fits many interior spaces of the room. Ultra-thin C735 border combines alloy material, when the light shines on, it will catch a slight sparkle. Inverted T Stand – two-sided layout with a minimalist and balanced design.

C735 is aimed at high-end users, so every detail on the TV is meticulously refined. The company’s representative said that the product is not only an audio-visual device but also can become a beautiful piece of furniture for the living room.

Borderless design with solid alloy. Photo: TCL

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